Sunday, April 3, 2016

MCM record cabinet makeover

Church rummage sales are the best!  Not only do they offer a variety of items at very low prices, I always meet some very kind and interesting people.  At this particular sale, I scored this vintage record cabinet, and found a few nice gentlemen to help me load my treasures.
It was five dollars!   I decided to repurpose it as a beverage station as not too many people have use for a record cabinet anymore.   I decided to paint it with my homemade turquoise chalk paint and leave the original hardware as it was.

Painted black, the top features a graphic found on 'the graphics fairy' and enlarged using  To give it a chalkboard look, I used a pastel pencil and then sprayed it several times with Polycrylic.
My assistant approves!!! 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Coffee/beverage station

Repurposed entertainment stand

You know how you see those tv stands that everyone used to have, at yard sales, thrift stores, and even put out on trash day?  I was given one by a friend and right away knew how I could repurpose it and give it a new life!
Now posing as a coffee/beverage station, it sold right away!

After a light sanding, I gave it a coat of my homemade chalk paint.  Then, I added a graphic from The Graphics Fairy, which I had enlarged and then traced using regular carbon paper.
I filled in all the lettering with black acrylic paint using a script brush, sanded lightly, and waxed several times with Minwax Paste.
I simply stenciled the word "coffee" on burlap, and made a small hem at the top for the tension rod that holds the curtain in place.
I love how the vintage baking pans fit in the shelf to hold all the essentials for that perfect cup of your favorite beverage!


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Repurposed clock base

I found a old oak thing at a sale and wasn't really sure what it was.  It didn't really matter; I painted it, added a knob, and some burlap trim.

Then it dawned on me - it was a mantle clock base!  Like this one, but not this one because this is like the holy grail in my family!  It was passed down from great-great-somebody so I dare not touch it!
A nice fresh look for an old clock!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Grain sack kitchen cutie

When my neighbor Joe has a garage sale, he invites me to come the day before.  I always manage to find some treasures.  I came home with this little kitchen chair.  For two dollars.

 I used CitriStrip to get the many layers of old paint off.  Then I painted it with my homemade chalk paint in my favorite color and made a seat covered in a grain sack pattern.
 A little distressing in spots to give a worn look, and finished off with several coats of MinWax finishing paste.


A cute little kitchen chair that deserved a new life!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Rescued dresser redo

... from the barn to the bedroom.  When my mother-in-law moved, I took home a dresser that no one wanted to bother with  saw any potential in.  She had originally taken it home from an Amish neighbor's barn.

Some time during it's lifetime, somebody thought it needed a fake marble top.

After chipping and scraping off the "marble", I used Citri-Strip to remove all the leftover glue.  Under all the gunk was a perfectly beautiful top. The fake top had actually protected the wood! 
At that point in the process, I know exactly what I would do with this piece of furniture.  I had paint leftover from a recent bedroom makeover - Behr's Premium Plus in 'Venus Teal'.  I used plaster of paris and water to mix up a nice, smooth, homemade chalk paint.
(No I was not drinking Margaritas.  It was already empty)!  Ask my supervisor:

The detailed carving lent itself beautifully to some distressing using my fancy tools:
I found the perfect spot in my bedroom.  It's perfect and I love it!  Thanks to my favorite MIL!!


Friday, March 6, 2015

Sewing machine drawer redo

How do you deal with an ice storm that keeps you at home for a few days?  In my case it was just what I needed to get a few projects done that I've been wanting to try.
Over the years I have accumulated several sewing machines - some in such poor shape that all that could be salvaged were the drawers.

I went to one of my favorite sites,  The Graphics Fairy, and downloaded the "French fabric" and "Paris letter" in reverse. I used the Modge Podge method to transfer the graphics onto a sewing machine drawer that I had painted with Home Decor's White Adirondack chalk paint.  It has been my go-to color for a lot of projects.  It goes on smooth and covers everything!  Easy cleanup too.

 I had some pretty scrapbook paper that I lined the inside with.


I had to use a brown fine point Sharpie to fill in where some of the paper rubbed completely away, but I'm happy with the results.