Sunday, April 3, 2016

MCM record cabinet makeover

Church rummage sales are the best!  Not only do they offer a variety of items at very low prices, I always meet some very kind and interesting people.  At this particular sale, I scored this vintage record cabinet, and found a few nice gentlemen to help me load my treasures.
It was five dollars!   I decided to repurpose it as a beverage station as not too many people have use for a record cabinet anymore.   I decided to paint it with my homemade turquoise chalk paint and leave the original hardware as it was.

Painted black, the top features a graphic found on 'the graphics fairy' and enlarged using  To give it a chalkboard look, I used a pastel pencil and then sprayed it several times with Polycrylic.
My assistant approves!!! 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Coffee/beverage station

Repurposed entertainment stand

You know how you see those tv stands that everyone used to have, at yard sales, thrift stores, and even put out on trash day?  I was given one by a friend and right away knew how I could repurpose it and give it a new life!
Now posing as a coffee/beverage station, it sold right away!

After a light sanding, I gave it a coat of my homemade chalk paint.  Then, I added a graphic from The Graphics Fairy, which I had enlarged and then traced using regular carbon paper.
I filled in all the lettering with black acrylic paint using a script brush, sanded lightly, and waxed several times with Minwax Paste.
I simply stenciled the word "coffee" on burlap, and made a small hem at the top for the tension rod that holds the curtain in place.
I love how the vintage baking pans fit in the shelf to hold all the essentials for that perfect cup of your favorite beverage!