Sunday, April 3, 2016

MCM record cabinet makeover

Church rummage sales are the best!  Not only do they offer a variety of items at very low prices, I always meet some very kind and interesting people.  At this particular sale, I scored this vintage record cabinet, and found a few nice gentlemen to help me load my treasures.
It was five dollars!   I decided to repurpose it as a beverage station as not too many people have use for a record cabinet anymore.   I decided to paint it with my homemade turquoise chalk paint and leave the original hardware as it was.

Painted black, the top features a graphic found on 'the graphics fairy' and enlarged using  To give it a chalkboard look, I used a pastel pencil and then sprayed it several times with Polycrylic.
My assistant approves!!! 


  1. So funny that we started our thrifting posts out the exact same way. LOVE your repurposed record the color.

  2. Thanks . . . it's my favorite color!

  3. What is your chalk paint recipe? I love the color.